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 Hi there! My name is Blair and I am the owner here at A Little Delight.

I am:

- a momma of 3 amazing (mostly crazy) little ones.

- wife to my amazing high school sweet heart

- things that make me really happy are; Jesus, tattoos, confetti, coffee, music, traveling, craft beer/breweries, healthy veggie-based dishes (and equally accepting of tasty pizza & mexican food ;) )

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When my little girl was a baby, I had a hard time finding hair bows that did not flatten out and loose their shape after a few wears.

A Little Delight started in 2013 in an effort to change hair bows and come up with a durable shape, with super fun modern & stylish prints. Plus, I loved the idea of a hair bow that can be worn as a little guy bow tie, so I could double dip on the bows for both my son and daughter.

From then we have grown our product line from just bows, to fun sparkly petite clips, and no-snag headbands with fun and funky prints for every style, that are super starchy so both mom and baby can share!

We have also grown beyond our fun product line and a small Etsy shop (although we still have and love our little Etsy shop), to a wonderful women supported and empowered family business with a growing team of hard working Independent Wholesalers - who sell our products while working from home, and supporting their sweet families, and funding big goals and dreams. We also have a AMAZING little team of work-from-home mommas who help support us as a business as well, and keeping our production handmade on a small scale in sunny Southern California.

We love supporting all of these lovely ladies, and are so thankful to have such a fantastic team of strong women beside us!

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